Artist Information


Originally from rural Nebraska, Elysia earned her BFA in visual art from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from University of Tennessee. She established the print studio, All Along Press, where she publishes broadsides, limited edition poetry books and other collaborative projects. Her creative practice merges writing, image making, and craft traditions, and her work has appeared in galleries nationally. Her awards include two Nebraska Book Awards and residencies at Kimmel Harding Nelson and the Art and History Museums in Maitland, Florida. She is currently the press manager of FSU's Small Craft Advisory Press and shares a studio in Tallahassee with her dog, Smudge.


“My work spans various materials and methods including printmaking, weaving, sculpture, and poetry, all of which serve to aid an investigation on the imperfections of my eyesight. I am blind in my right eye, the result of a childhood disease. This visual impairment is not a disadvantage, but instead has a positive impact on my creative practice. I have a keen awareness of two-dimensional space, tactility, and of the power of language to make perception seem concrete. I have learned that vision and language—primary tools for interpreting the world—can be most revelatory when they malfunction. Impaired vision offers insight; misuse of language generates poetry.”