Artist Information


When viewing Aimée Farnet Siegel's work, it's not surprising her career started as a graphic designer. Aimée's strong grid-like compositions often include typography and photography mimicking ads she designed in the 80's. In fact, Aimée's process, tools and the language of her work are similar to that of her graphic design days.  Whereas Aimée once constructed page design, she is now deconstructing and reassembling it. Whereas she once sought order and understanding in her design work, now as a visual artist, Aimée seeks challenge and personal interpretation.

Aimée's work mixes a "high/low" aesthetic. It contrasts the sophisticated and subtle with the bold and expressive. Moody earth tones juxtapose bright, high intensity hues and the understood contrasts the enigmatic. 

Aimée shows in New Orleans at Barristers Gallery. Her second solo show at Barristers is in March, 2018. By invitation she was in several group shows including "Fivefecta" at Degas Gallery, April 2017; "La Femme" curated by Don Marshall, 2016; Louisiana Contemporary at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, as well as group shows at Rhino Contemporary and the George's Gallery, Metairie Park Country Day School. Aimée's inclusion in the January group show at Blue Spiral Gallery is her first in North Carolina. Aimée received her BFA from Louisiana State University.


"I’m intrigued with the unfinished, the disjointed—the seemingly errant that some how feels purposely connected.

My work reflects this interest. I deconstruct and reconstruct compositions, striving to create visuals that appear at once understandable and readable yet at the same time complex and mysterious. I endeavor to find connection between the spontaneous and the thoughtful."