Artist Information


David Kenton Kring was born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky where he grew up in a small family run mens workwear store.  This blue collar atmosphere helped to influence not only his passion of working with his hands but also his surfaces. He received his BA from Transylvania University focusing in ceramics and mixed media. David then began working for the ceramic distributor Kentucky Mudworks, where he honed his skills as a figurative sculptor and potter. Since then he has exhibited nationally, lectured and demoed at major universities, and has begun curating gallery shows and craft markets. David demoed at NCECA 2016 in partnership with the company AMACO. David is currently living in Lexington, Kentucky where he keeps a home studio as a full time working artist.


"In my artwork, I focus on the figure using the outlets of ceramics and mixed media. My art offers an emotional charge through gestures, facial expression, and painting techniques. My surfaces are extremely worked; I rely on bends, folds, and crevasses to create depth and character in my work. I tend to work metaphorically, narratively, and autobiographically with the inspiration I find in various styles of music, entertainment, and history. Raised in a small family owned men's work wear business, I became obsessed with the stories people would trade with each other. Because of this exposure, my work tends to convey themes of the disturbed and delusional personality, the duality of good and evil, the supernatural form of being, and dark humor. The goal of my work is to provide a narrative, offering the viewer a chance to connect with the characters I depict."