Bold colors swirl through clear crystal in the clean, modern forms created by glass artist David Goldhagen. He handcrafts wall-mounted pieces and freestanding sculptures in fluid shapes using traditional glass-blowing methods.

Each sculpture begins with molten clear glass on the end of a five-foot blowpipe. Colors are then layered and manipulated on the surface creating intricate patterns and movement within the sculpture. The design is then encased in more layers of crystal and either mouth blown or hand shaped. His pieces incorporate bits of colored glass made from various mixtures of metallic oxides and rare earth elements, such as silver, cobalt, gold and copper.

Goldhagen received his BA degree from Tulane University (LA). He has exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design (NY), the Asheville Art Museum (NC), the Hickory Museum of Art (NC) and the Fayetteville Museum of Art (NC). Goldhagen’s work is in the collections of the Tucson Museum of Art (AZ) and the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art (FL), the Albany Museum of Art (GA), the Telfair Museum of Art (GA) and the Mobile Museum of Art (AL).

David currently works from his studio in North Carolina.

DAVID GOLDHAGEN demonstates his glass blowing to Folk School students.




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