Artist Information


Robert Stephan’s glass sculptures illustrate the infinite possibilities that light, transparency, and iridescence can be used to create vivid color and subtle texture.

Stephan’s glass encompasses a variety of techniques including the application of high-tech optical filter coatings. These are added to the surfaces and/or interiors of his blown, carved and laminated glass sculptures. The coatings produce color shifts where one color is reflected and another transmitted. The equipment used is the same for making components for computer chips and special lenses.

“It is my desire to involve the viewer in exploring the interior and exterior of my designs.” — Robert W. Stephan

Stephan received his BFA degree from Florida Atlantic University and his MFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. His work is in numerous collections including the Chrysler Museum (VA), the Mint Museum of Craft + Design (NC) and the Corning Museum of Glass (NY).

Robert currently works from his studio in North Carolina.