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The mixed-media sculptures by artist Michael Costello are influenced by the simplicity and balance of Asian objects. His kinetic wood and stone designs enhance the natural beauty of the elements used in the sculptures.

Costello received his BS degree from Appalachian State University (NC) and his MA degree from Western Carolina University (NC). His work is in the collections of the Blumenthal Foundation (NC), Sisters of Mercy (NC), 20th Century Fox (CA), Duke University (NC), Weyerhaeuser International (WA), Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum (NC) and Ocala Museum of Art (FL).

Michael currently works from his studio in Virginia.





"In my work, I try to link architectonic and anthropomorphic imagery. Using wood as the primary medium combined with stones used as weight, I create sculptures I refer to as non-functional furniture. I use various types of wood including mahogany, tiger maple, walnut, oak, sycamore and cherry. The more prominent stone in my work is soapstone, though I also use alabaster. My sculptures are created using typical wood shop tools such as jointers, planers, band saws and sanders. I start by carving out a set of stones and design the body of the piece around the stones. The body is sanded and filed through many different procedures. I grind the stone out of large slabs and polish them by hand. The kinetic element is the main focus of my sculptures."

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