Artist Information


Uncomplicated forms rich with texture characterize Rob Pulleyn’s ceramic vessels. The surfaces are embellished with stains and oxides creating simple patterns and designs in a subtle palette. These handbuilt sculptures are not unlike architecture and he approaches the building of them in just that manner. Structure, surface treatment and function are all taken into account while crafting each piece.

“I make things in clay simply because I’m compelled to. I love its plasticity and the messiness. I love the wetness, the coldness and the texture of the clay. I love the idea that one begins with soft, moist clay and ends up with hard, dry objects.” — Rob Pulleyn

Pulleyn received his BA degree from Lake Forest College (IL) and did graduate work at the University New Mexico. A creative man with varying talents, he has been a filmmaker, a weaver and a magazine and book publisher.

Rob currently works from his studio in North Carolina.