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“My background is in ceramics even though I began by working in glass when I started a studio in Louisville, Colorado. Prior to that I worked in industry and taught ceramics, glass, drawing and design at the university level at schools in the United States and Canada. In 2007, I sold my glassmaking equipment to Western Carolina University where it is being used in conjunction with other “fire arts” at a facility in Dillsboro, NC that is being fueled by methane gas being reclaimed from an old landfill. “Since then, I have gotten re-involved with ceramics and, after shaking off thirty years of inactivity, have gotten to the point where I am feeling pretty confident and comfortable working with clay again. I guess it doesn’t really matter what material I happen to be working with as long as I can be making something and feeling like I am doing something worthwhile. A colleague had a bumper sticker on the door of his studio that said, “Ceramic Art is not a trivial pursuit”. Hell, ANY art is not a trivial pursuit if you’re serious about it.” — John Nickerson

Nickerson received his BA degree from Montana State University and his MFA degree from Alfred University (NY). John currently works from his studio in North Carolina.

Associated Exhibitions

Remains To Be Seen

Crematory Vessels
October 10 - November 30, 2013
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