Artist Information


Creating pottery with an identity is what interests artist Michael Schmidt. His pieces maintain usability as a functional object, yet they are unique reminders of our roadside vocabulary.

"The idea of vessel or containment is a dominant concept in my work. While trained as a functional potter, I have experimented with many facets of clay and a wide range of firing techniques; however, I have always felt a certain obligation to the utility of a vessel. Antiques and weathered objects of utility that are enriched by the patina of time are of great interest to me. Having a background in graphic design, I find old signs, advertisements, schematic plans, numbers and typography quite beautiful in surface, design and color. These influences are apparent in my work." — Michael Schmidt

Schmidt received a BFA degree from the University of Wisconsin and a MFA degree from Edinboro University (PA). His work has been exhibited at the Erie Art Museum (PA), John Michael Kohler Arts Center (WI), the Hudgens Arts Center (GA), Harris Fine Arts Center, (UT), Gadsden Arts Center, (FL), and the Museum of Fine Arts (TX).

Michael currently works from his studio in Georgia.