Artist Information


In clean, bold colors Dana Brown’s paintings depict work equipment in railroad yards and construction sites and the architecture of urban streets. Her work is currently in encaustic; her subjects are detailed, complex and sometimes cropped, resulting in an abstract quality.

Her paintings begin with simple pencil drawings and progress through thirty or forty layers, carefully building the color. Some areas have transparent glazes, allowing the previous layers of color to shine through while some have layered color to achieve rich dark opaque areas.

Brown has exhibited at Meridian Museum of Art (MS), Huntsville Museum of Art (AL), and Albany Museum of Art (GA). Her work has been shown numerous art organizations exhibitions including the National Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society and with watercolor societies in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas. Dana currently works from her studio in Alabama.


“Making my art is fundamental to my happiness and making stronger art next year than I did this year is always the goal. I am a daily painter. I love morning light and the clarity of a new day, so I usually paint till mid-day and if things are going well continue until 5 p.m. With my goofy dog asleep under the drawing table and the music as loud as he’ll allow, this is a perfect day for me. There are studio duties and interruptions but sitting at my drawing table with a big smelly sheet of watercolor paper and pools of color to mix and push around –there is nothing better."


Additional Information:

Birthplace: Maggie Valley, NC