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Charles Ladson’s canvases are painterly in the most traditional sense. He adeptly mixes conventional aspects of painting – texture, layering, perspective, transparency, detail - to create images that evoke a sense of mystery, a sense of a dream reality.

"My finished work is a long collection of mostly bad ideas, movements, commitments, and random occurrences that have been saved (wholly or partially) or deleted all together. The paintings ramble along in all directions never knowing where they are going and then they arrive. The content comes intuitively from this process and is more ambiguous than any deliberate attempt at commentary. People see what they want to see and everybody brings his own story to the table." — Ladson

Ladson received his BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts (NY) and his MFA degree from the University of Georgia. His work has been exhibited at the University of Georgia and the Georgia Museum of Art. Charles currently works from his studio in Central Georgia.


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Birthplace: MACON, GA

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Gallery 2 — SUMMER SALON
August 1 - September 30, 2013
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michael BARRINGER, eric KNOCHE, charles LADSON
Gallery 2
Group Show
June 7 - July 26, 2012
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