Artist Information


Poness received his Bachelors of Architecture degree from Catholic University in Washington, DC> He currently Lives in Takoma Park Maryland and works at the Glen Echo Pottery in Glen Echo, Maryland. Most of the work is fired in a 2 chamber noborigama style wood and salt kiln at Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD.


“As a practicing architect, it is only natural that my work in ceramics is influenced by the discipline of architecture.

I lean toward the functional side of clay versus the sculptural side. I tend to do lidded forms more than open forms. Something about roofs on buildings I suppose. Most pieces start out as wheel thrown cylinders that are then altered and shaped into ovals, squared boxes, jars, teapots, tea caddy’s, urns, etc. Aspects of architecture, such as, towers, arches, windows, hardware, surface texture, rhythm, color, pattern all find their way into my work.

I’m inspired by all sorts of things outside the discipline of the medium. Some pieces are inspired by specific artists such as Rothko, Polack and Johns. Others by things as varied as ancient war siege towers, to African writing tablets used to teach the Koran to children Many of the vessels I make are named for songs titles of the music I enjoy listening to as I work.”