Artist Information


Trained as a weaver, Rachel Meginnes' interest in woven structure and pattern began in high school and continued on through many years of study and traditional apprenticeships. During graduate school, she moved away from producing utilitarian textiles and began exploring innovative methods of manipulating fiber including her own woven structures. Most recently, Rachel has stepped away from her loom altogether and has been creating nontraditional works on cloth using drawn thread and pulled thread embroidery.

Rooted in Rachel’s relentless love for fabric and all things sewn, embroidered and woven, her current work pays homage to patience and is an exploration into chaos and control. Her fiber pieces begin with the disciplined act of drawing individual threads out of the cloth thus altering the inherent structure of the fabric. Her process continues using gesso, ink, and layers of paint until the final pieces become artifacts of persistence and patience, and for Rachel are meditations on the basis of daily life.

In 2014 Rachel Meginnes hopes to teach and offer classes which highlight artistic process and contemporary approaches to fiber art. She is living at Penland as an artist in residence through 2015.