Artist Information


Will Dickert lives and works in Asheville, NC.







"I find a great deal of excitement and inspiration in creating. I have most recently been drawn to making work that captures gesture, impulse, emotion and feeling. By stretching, pulling, cutting away from and then patching thrown pieces while they are wet on the wheel, I find it offers a freshness and flow to my work that is surprising and vibrant. I consciously attempt to use the mechanics and techniques of working in clay to create objects that are not necessarily defined solely by those mechanics and techniques. I thrive on the presentation of challenges and contemplation in my working process and believe the results rendered are more personally rewarding and valuable.

I have been thinking a lot about the often striking dichotomies encountered in life. It is the constant back and forth, or ebb and flow of our existence and environment that is at odds with the human desire to find one's own balance point. This confounds, inspires and enlightens me, both in and out of the studio."

 Will Dickert - Laurel April 2016.pdf