Artist Information


Eichelberger’s ceramics offer a deliberate sense of design and contemplation. His quiet surface treatment places an emphasis on form and functionality, bringing an elegance to everyday objects. 

In the past 14 years (and not exactly in this order), David has graduated from college (B.F.A., Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA), worked three years in a ceramics business (Santa Fe Clay Co. Santa Fe, NM), spent a total of seven years as a resident artist (at three different institutions: The EnergyXchange, Bakersville, NC; The Appalachian Center for Craft, Smithville, TN; Penland School of Craft, Penland, NC), received his Masters degree (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE), taught art at five universities and colleges (see resume), and received numerous awards and grants (again, see resume, please).  He also got married and had three children.  He is currently the Ceramics Fellow at Marlbor College, in Marlboro, Vermont.  Part of the time, he teaches full-time, and sometimes he works in his part-time studio all of the time.



“The objects I make exhibit a compositional preference for repetition over variety, and I position repeated elements in regular, metered fashion. A rhythm develops, with a cadence that promotes a rambling exploration of the form. I am captivated by the dialog between simplicity and complexity, which is a concept I endeavor to reflect in my work.

My work is composed to create pause. The objects I make are equal parts anthropological study and artistic endeavor, and incorporate an attempt to understand the world we live in, through making.”