Artist Information


Dean received his BS at Illinois State University (2001) and his Masters at the Australian National University (2009).




“My work is an exploration of portrait sculpture in glass. I interpret the figure through living models that represent a connection to my life. I use a life casting process to capture physical details of an individual, and to capture a moment in time and an experience. The process of creating a life mask is intimate and establishes trust and closeness. The subsequent processes of making waxes, molds and glass of that person abstracts the identity slightly but freezes each subject in a state of being that is reflective, introspective and calm. I am inspired by the people and relationships that shape who we are, family stories and memories, feelings of admiration, love, fear and strength."

“I want to celebrate intrinsic beauty through physical form and through the afflictions and joys of life’s many stages. The subjects in my portraits project a state of self-awareness while they also serve to reflect the perspective of the viewer and the projections we place on others. I appreciate that the figure in my work directly causes the need to question who the person is and why they matter.”