Charles Keiger earned an MFA from the University of Georgia. He has exhibited his work extensively in the Southeast. His work is in numerous private collections throughout the country.

Keiger works from his studio in Atlanta, Georgia.


“What I enjoy about painting pictures, is the ability to create a world never before seen, a place with its own rules, values and characters. The elements in my paintings are based on real world objects; trees, flowers, animals and people, etc. What excites me as an artist, is combining these elements and presenting them to the viewer in a way that makes them stop and wonder, “What is going on here?”. There is an implied narrative in my paintings and the viewer is free to interpret the story as they choose. I have always felt it is the artist’s job to depict an alternative way of looking at the world, to offer a window into possible realities and emotional states.

As a person I am attracted to those absurd moments in life that offer a sense of clarity. Those brief occasions that occur where you see the world anew. When I paint I attempt to convey that emotional state to the viewer.”

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NEW x 3 (New Artists - New Works - New Year!)

eleanor ANNAND, mixed media — amy GROSS ,fiber sculpture — charles KEIGER, painting — brad SELLS, wood — tom SHIELDS, sculptural furniture
January 10 - March 2, 2013
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