Douglas Miller is a professional artist whose drawings often deal with animals in an unfinished or altered state.


Douglas Miller is quiet. At a recent opening he stood listening with his hands in his pockets and a pleasant smile on his face. His work that adorns the walls is a lot like him. No pretense just uncomplicated realness.

Miller's artwork is in the collection of the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, the University of Louisville, the Speed School of Engineering, and numerous private collections.

Douglas lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky.
































 "I am interested in indeterminacy. My drawings inhabit spaces that are movable, where digressions in narratives and often-abandoned subjects avoid conclusions. I work in the same way that an author revises text, constructs sentences, edits words, deconstructs sentences, and rubs out ideas. The objective of correction fascinates me. Seemingly, this idea of refinement relies on an elusive pursuit for perfection. I rely more on the provisional and possibilities than on completed resolutions."

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