Contrast: Black + White
Gallery One
December 31, 2015 - February 27, 2016

In the absence of color, dramatic works emphasize elements of composition, line, texture, and pattern. Reinterpreted and extended on the gallery’s lower level, this eclectic collection of 2D and 3D works includes paintings, video, glass, ceramic objects and wall sculptures, original prints, fanciful drawings and trompe l’oeil, as well as astounding sculptures from repurposed materials.

Kenneth Baskin - ceramics

Christina Brinkman - ceramics

Charles W. Goolsby - monoprints

Hoss Haley - metal

Ian Henderson - ceramics

Ron Isaacs - trompe l'oeil

Ani Kasten - ceramics

Jan Lee - ceramics

Marilyn Murphy - drawing

George Peterson - wood

Seana Reilly - graphite

Micah Sherrill - painting

Tim Tate - mixed media/video