Blue Spiral 1 is the sole U.S. representation of the work of Frank Hursh (b. 1929), which spans back to his time at Black Mountain College (BMC) where he was a student from 1949-1950. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and a long time resident of Mexico, where he arrived to study a Master’s Degree in Muralism in the 1950’s.

Hursh has worked in many fields, from live television production, animation, publicity, illustration, education, to architectural and museum design, notably at the National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology in Mexico City. He created the Fine Arts degree programs and directed the Fine Arts Institute of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico. He is the President and founder of the Universidad de las Artes Mexico, a non-profit educational project. 

Hursh kept a significant amount of his work over the years, among these a collection of drawings from his time at BMC. The drawings show off Hursh's keen sense of the modern aesthetic; they are highly rendered linear abstractions, which seem to vibrate from the delicate onion paper on which they are composed. The majority of the works obtained from Hursh are paintings resembling surreal landscapes and often mimic his early tendency toward movement. Whether working in black, white and gray or brightly colored, complex layers, his lines and imagery have strong vertical orientation and cascade forward like waterfalls. Hursh's work is masterful and timeless.

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