January 11, 2019
New Year. New Artists.

We are kicking off the New Year with 4 New Exhibitions! Join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, January 11th from 5-8pm for refreshments, a chance to meet some of the artists, and the ART!

Main Gallery: Into the Blue - Artist Invitational 2019 Blue Spiral 1’s most diverse annual exhibition presenting artists who have never previously shown in the gallery. This year nine artists have been selected, working in a range of media, including figurative watercolor, abstract ceramics, textiles, print and glass.

Artists: Chris Ahalt, Scott Belville, Jodi Hays, Connie Lippert, Paul Messink, Robert Milnes, Reuben Negron, Lila Shull, James Wade

Lower Level Gallery: Art in Motion Kinetic art is defined by a work that relies on motion or perceived motion for its effect. The artists in this exhibition create kinetic works powered by electric motors, human interaction or air currents.

Artists: Ken Bortolazzo, Janet Brome, Ken Carder, Michael Costello, Heather Allen Hietala, Jessica White

Showcase Gallery: Color Spectrum Ceramicists, Tom Jaszczak and Zuzka Vaclavik, and painters, Joe Camoosa and Jeremy Russell, present artworks in which color reigns. From explosions of saturated reds to subdued greys, the artist's use of color directs our eyes, seeks our attention, and might even make us look twice.

Small Format Gallery: Corey Pemberton - Finding Home in Otherness Corey Pemberton combines paint, wood, cloth and other materials to create intimate, almost voyeuristic portraits, revealing the comfort one discovers in moments of solitude.

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