January 21, 2014
Will Henry Stevens at the Greenville County Museum of Art

The Greenville County Musuem of Art is currently showing works by Will Henry Stevens: Blue Spiral 1 is proud to represent the estate of Will Henry Stevens pioneer of a Southern Modernism. Stevens captured the spirit of the Southern landscape from the Appalachian highlands to the Louisiana delta. Stevens' faithful life long commune with natureprovided the inspiration for thousands of exquisite paintings. Proficient in oil, tempera, watercolor, and hand-crafted pastel, his quiet intelligence, keen vision, modernist disposition, and technical mastery are seen throughout the body of work. Stevens drew and painted simultaneously in two styles — one abstract, reminiscent of Klee and Kandinsky, and the other a lyrical body of work that is more traditional. He was a pioneer of modernism in the American South, and his representational work and objective abstractions reflect his deep love of nature, particularly the bayou and mountains. He easily translated the geometry he found in nature into non-objective abstraction as well. — John E. Cram Executive Director

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